Games and promotional items

Around 2000 P.M.I. Stampi e Stampaggio acquires the know-how and molds of the Milanese company C.I.P. (acronym for "Creazioni In Plastica"), a small but organized family-run business which, above all, boasts a long experience in its sector. The company, in fact, was founded already in 1963 by Mr. Tino Cattaneo who, from the beginning, has been the creative mind. In the same way, today P.M.I. continues to develop the range of C.I.P. branded products and packaging with the same care, originality and imagination.

Today's production includes a wide range of promotional items and plastic toys at low cost but all perfectly finished, functional and equipped with a modern, pleasant and colorful design. They range from spinning tops to yo-yos, available in different models and colors, including items with balls and internal puzzles, to the classic patience games, as well as animals that move producing their typical verses and noises thanks to small parts that act as spring actuating devices. Without forgetting toy cars, darts, many other small games for girls and boys, as well as various assortments that are supplied already packaged in attractive showcase or boxes.

It is impossible to describe all these products in a few lines: for a more complete overview we recommend downloading and consulting the catalog, or requesting any information via email:, telephone: +39 0169 85.79.78

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